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Our Team

Anand Arkalgud

Anand Arkalgud

Non-zero-sum outcomes

Ramakrishna Kalluri

Ramakrisha "RK"Kalluri

Translating imagination into reality

Vijaya Dhar

Vijaya Dhar

Organizing Chaos

Nangteibor Shabong

Nangteibor Shabong

Foodie that loves the First Mile Approach.

Sruthi Dhayapullay

Sruthi Dhayapullay

Human Centric Techie

Aiyanna Belliappa

Aiyanna Belliappa

There are always two sides to a story

Natalie Rozario

Natalie D'Rozario

Taking care of people

Sita Vasudevan


Rhea Karan

Learning by unlearning everyday

Nidhi Niharika


Manu Pius

Finding oases in the desert

Shrija S Rao




is us.

  • Each member works in cross-functional teams and partners with societal initiatives to resolve large-scale challenges.
  • The team identifies problems through research, frames missions, develops strategies, and designs solutions to deliver impact at scale.
  • Each team member gets the opportunity to focus on developing deep expertise in an area that brings out their best.
  • Opportunities range from research, strategy, sectoral analysis, solution design, program management and framework design.

Is this


  • Do you get obsessed with trying to understand why problems exist and how to resolve them?
  • Got a penchant for problem solving, structured thinking, analysis and solutioning?
  • Do you lead with an entrepreneurial spirit?
  • Are you keen to explore new approaches?
  • Would you say you have good communication skills?
  • Do you have the passion and interest to learn, unlearn and contribute?
  • Are you driven to work on resolving societal challenges?
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