Collective Impact

We partner with system leaders to energize and enable actors across the ecosystem to participate in efforts to resolve societal challenges, in ways that collectively unlocks non-linear outcomes.

Current Work

Water Security

We partner with multiple organizations and initiatives across India to re-imagine ways to collectively enable water security at scale. Our role in these partnerships includes developing strategies for scale, re-orienting their approach to address the challenge at scale, working together to unlock partnership and pathways to implement the new approach, digitally re-imagine programs to amplify capacity, and develop digitally enabled approaches to democratize the ability to identify and resolve water security related challenges at the community level, across India.

Ecological Sustenance

Preservation and sustainable management of commons is critical to the ecological and economic viability of rural communities across India. We are partnering with organizations that are in the forefront of a system wide effort to help communities reclaim and develop commons through a participatory approach. Our partnership focusses on re-orienting their approach and operating models to enable non-linear outcomes at scale.


India is amongst the countries that has a very large population of artisans that often feel excluded from the economic activity that the country is experiencing. Developing a sustainable approach to enable such artisans to participate and benefit through meaningful livelihood enhancing opportunities, is the goal of several social organizations. We are working with one such organization that has a proven record of making significant inroads by developing and implementing an approach to do just that. We are partnering with them to re-imagine what is possible and unlock new pathways for artisans to thrive as mainstream participants. If we succeed, we believe this would create an enabling environment for artisans across the country to participate in mainstream commerce, empower them with the knowledge and tools to work together and create and operate new (producer owned) businesses, and give them much needed access to networks where they can realize their aspirations.

Capacity Building @ Scale

We studied the way capacity building is pursued across sectors and found several challenges that are impeding our collective ability to build, nurture and leverage capacity at scale. We have since devised a systematic approach to; increase liquidity of knowledge, data and expertise; extend the elasticity of experts and other scarce resources; amplify accountability of actors across programs and the networks that they enable; and encourage participation by making it easy for extension workers and community participants to engage, learn and take action with confidence. We have since launched a new offering called the ‘Participatory Digital Attestation Platform’ (PDAP) – which is now in use across sectors to enable large scale capacity building initiatives.

Enabling Impact
at scale


Mala Subramaniam
CEO - Arghyam

We are on a path to transform the way we enable water security at scale, and the journey would not have been the same without Socion. As a strategic partner, Socion has been instrumental in helping us re-imagine what is possible, developing a strategy, blending societal platform and scale thinking with our knowledge of the water ecosystem, re-orienting our role and capabilities, and actively working with us to nurture partnerships across the ecosystem to pursue and realize a common vision.

While these journeys tend to be complex and challenging, having a partner like Socion strengthens our resolve to take on and pursue previously unimagined outcomes.


Neelam Chhiber
Founder & Director – Industree Crafts foundation

We are on a journey at Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship to help create sustainable livelihood opportunities for artisans and farmers to catalyze a movement designed to impact 100 million producers through strategic interventions. Having Socion as an advisor and partner for the creative manufacturing sector, that plays a key role in PIE gives us the fire power we need to challenge ourselves, develop a strategy, and design a solution approach that has the potential to put us on a non-linear trajectory.

Socion’s take on the societal platform thinking, first-mile approach, and point of view on ways that we can restore the agency of artisans by building and strengthening the enabling environment (so they can confidently pursue livelihood opportunities and succeed), is exactly what we need to re-imagine and unlock new pathways for scale. That, and the fact that our teams get along and respect each other’s inputs, makes the journey equally interesting.

The Platform for Inclusive Entrepreneurship is being developed as a Societal Platform (CC BY ND 4.0 International License, EkStep Foundation,