Societal impact at population scale

We partner with development and aid agencies that are committed to resolving societal challenges at scale, and work together to amplify their impact.


Societal challenges are outpacing our ability to solve

Traditional approaches often work in smaller units of change, and cannot be replicated to match the scale, urgency and complexity of the problems we face.

We need to re-imagine what is possible and make creative use of scarce resources to collectively outpace and resolve challenges at scale.

What we do

@ Scale Missions

Re-imagine what is possible, reorient how we leverage scarce resources, and catalyze efforts across the ecosystem to reach and deliver outcomes at scale

Large Programs

Re-orient the theory of change from a first-mile perspective and redesign the way we implement and govern programs to deliver results with speed and quality, at scale.

Digital Platforms

Digitally enable practitioners, programs and organizations to work together and amplify both individual and collective impact


Working with the SOCION team throughout the program’s implementation was a new and exciting journey, as the method(in terms of the App and the Artefact) and its operations were the first of their kind introduced to the Team of the department. the perseverance and commitment of SOCION in meeting deadlines, data crunching and management, creating a systematic way of tracking progress in near real time is commendable and has contributed immensely towards achieving the program’s goals and objectives. The overall experience of teaming with SOCION has been a wonderful learning and has opened up new ideas and thought processes for the whole Team. We are grateful for the all thesupport that SOCIOn had provided and wish the Team very success for their future endeavors’
Meghalaya State Watershed & Watershed Development Agency

The most valuable contribution and impactful outcome of our partnerships with SOCION has been enabling the programme to rope in an efficient and effective Cadre into the programme using the PDA platform, which has contributed to providing visibility to Training Sessions, Individuals, Training Materials, and where these individuals are coming from. This visibility and accessibility aid in getting the right message to the right person, help in transforming their skills, knowledge which has resulted in creating a professional bio data of the user.

Meghalaya State Rural Livelihoods Society

Our partnership with Socion has helped in reimagining the way we strengthen community and state capacity to implement development initiatives at scale. The emphasis on strengthening the agency of the first-mile functionaries to undertake their activities effectively and using technology to help generate artifacts and digital assets that aid the program and the ecosystem. Our work for over the last four years has been of constant iteration on scale design which has been a great learning experience

Subrata Singh
Subrata Singh
Programme Director, Foundation for Ecological Security

The hard-working team at Socion have contributed immensely to building our understanding on how we can disrupt current ways of thinking and navigating complex social problems that are contextual and require solutions that are hyperlocal. Even though our association has primarily been around implementing water related programs at scale, we believe some of the design principles are universal and have the potential to resolve some long-standing issues of development.”

Bishwadeep Ghose
Country Director, India Water For People

We have worked for many years on the basis that preparing water security plans is resource intensive, takes six months or more to complete in each community, requires external experts to visit and work in the community, and have found it hard to fully empower and transfer such expertise to members of the community.  However, our work in partnership with Socion to reimagine and enable community-led (digital) water security plans with the active participation and leadership of resource persons sourced from the community has demonstrated that it is not only possible, but is much more efficient, results in better quality plans, trusted and verifiable data, and can help us complete such planning with speed, at scale!

Yogesh Jadeja
Dr. Yogesh Jadeja
Director, Arid Communities and Technologies

Socion has been a valuable partner in Arghyam’s scale journey in water security. They always focus on the problem, are committed to finding solutions to resolve problems at scale, and excel in execution – qualities that are scarce but absolutely necessary when you want to solve complex societal problems at scale. They combine strong capabilities in stakeholder engagement, design, operations and technology, which they leverage very well to deliver impact.

Mala Subramaniam
Mala Subramaniam
CEO, Arghyam