What we do


change agents amplify the impact of their ideas.


with social initiatives that are committed to resolving large scale societal challenges.


traditional yet proven ways to scale, with emerging approaches, to deliver impact at population scale.


Partner with our clients to reimagine how they can address challenges at population-scale.


Lead with a point of view on how to re-orient the initiative to unlock speed, scale and sustainability.


Co-create opportunities to amplify impact and mentor the team to navigate the scale journey.

Areas of work

  • Sustainable habitats
  • Livelihoods
  • Healthcare
  • Lifelong learning
  • Financial inclusion

Who we are

We admire the commitment, creativity and tenacity of social entrepreneurs and change leaders that are working to create a better world. We believe that unless we work together to take their ideas and enable transformation at scale, the very problems that we intend to resolve will continue to outpace our solutions.

While the development sector has a diverse ecosystem of providers with a range of expertise spanning policy, strategy, implementation, impact measurement and technology, we believe there is a need for new approaches that help reimagine the way we pursue and outpace social problems at population scale.

We are inspired by emergent approaches such as Societal Platform, a rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, and new ways to leverage technology to enable large scale movements. We believe we can blend proven and emergent methods to systematically reimagine & resolve societal challenges, with speed, at scale, sustainably.

Our team

  • Socion - Anand Arkalgud

    Anand Arkalgud

    Anand is an entrepreneur, advisor to corporations, and a core member of the Societal Platform team focused on co-creating a systematic approach to build and scale Societal Platforms. He brings a unique blend of thought leadership, global experience and an innovative spirit to turn concepts into reality.

    Anand is passionate about enabling and empowering organizations with strategies, tactics and tools to accelerate (digital) transformation at scale. He spent over two decades in corporate leadership roles that span strategy, innovation, business development and transformation before becoming an entrepreneur.

    As an advisor to societal initiatives, his focus is on developing strategies and inspiring leadership by empowering them with systematic approaches to transform their initiatives to resolve large scale societal challenges.

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  • Socion - Ramakrishna

    Ramakrishna “RK” Kalluri

    Ramakrishna “RK” Kalluri is a professional with global experience in the industry spanning various roles including business and technology management, product development, startups and entrepreneurship. RK is very passionate about leveraging ‘Digital Thinking’ for driving transformation across various sectors including development sector. He brings in unique and rounded experience of problem solving in large contexts, global experience, entrepreneurial spirit and working in philanthropic missions. In his current role at Socion, he works closely with large societal initiatives, in driving clarity in strategy, platform design and program management aspects.

    In his tenure at Infosys spanning 17 years, he was responsible for building large teams and delivering transformational initiatives to global clients. After his stint as CEO of an e-commerce startup, he led an initiative, at Wadhwani Foundation, to develop tier-2 city entrepreneurial ecosystems in India. RK holds a B. Tech degree from Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

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