The scale and urgency of societal challenges requires effective implementation of large scale programs


Success relies on our ability to implement participatory approaches where key stakeholders work together with local actors across thousands of communities to co-create, lead, and deliver targeted outputs and outcomes each year.

What we do

Our partners lead overall program planning and implementation, while we help our partners digitally re-imagine, deisgn and implement models that can help them amplify performance and impact.


Re-imagine and deconstruct the terms-of-reference and theory-of-change in ways that strengthens agency of local practitioners across communities to learn, lead and deliver quality outcomes


Digitally enable program administrators and front-line-practitioners to get the job done and generate trusted and verifiable data needed to monitor and evaluate activities accomplished, in real time.


Establish data driven governance, use data and insights to shape policies and strengthen accountability at all levels to accelerate and amplify performance and impact at scale

Re-orient missions and programs to reach and catalyze impact at scale


Empower and connect

Enable front line practitioners, trainers, program administrators and other stakeholders across the ecosystem to communicate, work together, and efficiently deliver quality outcomes with speed, at scale

Decentralize Accountability

Re-orient the way we implement programs to operate at scale, by putting front line practitioners at the centre, empowering them to get the job done and monitor their own accomplishments in real-time. We also need to create a system that encourages them to be accountable for their own performance, values their contribution, and motivates them to stay engaged on a sustained basis

Start with facts, not claims

Enable systems that generate and use facts gathered directly from interactions in the field (as opposed to claims)- this is essential to simplify the overall system, enhance the overall performance, and make it possible to reach and operate efficiently at scale.

Create an enabling environment for impact at scale

We cannot just focus on mission or program objectives if we are committed to sustainable development at scale. We need to ensure that our efforts also contribute toward strengthening the ecosystem in which we all operate


Empower front line practitioners


Democratize knowledge and data

Enhance state

Leverage digital platforms to unlock non-linear outcomes

We also designed, built, and now offer a ‘Participatory Digital Attestation’ Platform (as a service) – which makes it easy for administrators to implement participatory development programs at scale, and helps each program contribute knowledge, data and artifacts toward strengthening the ecosystem.