Participatory Digital Attestation (PDA) Platform

Managing development programs at scale just got a lot easier


Build capacity and empower people on the frontlines to get the job done


Digitally attest all interactions in the field & use the data for real time monitoring & evaluation


Empower program administrators to efficiently deliver outcomes with speed, at scale


Democratize ideas, knowledge and data to improve visibility across the ecosystem

The world’s first SaaS platform dedicated to participatory development

Scalable and
designed for use at scale

Powerful data management capabilities

Pay-for-use model lets you scale up and down with ease

We give you the building blocks so you can use your expertise and imagination to decide what activities to perform or monitor in the field

Flexible and configurable to administer, monitor and evaluate programs across sectors

Empower practitioners on the frontlines with context specific knowledge & tools

Give funders and states real-time visibility to activities, outputs and outcomes across their portfolio

Pricing Model

Individual participants can download and sign-up to use the PDA-participant App

Find the app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store – Free to download and use

Organizations need to enter a contract with Socion to access the program administration portal

Charges depend on the scale and intensity of activities to be performed in your program

Contribute and access open data generated across programs

You can display ‘open data’ on a website of your choice for a small fee.


Can the platform be used for any program or mission?

Yes, the platform is designed for use across domains, sectors, projects, regions or organizations. We call it a context-invariant design, and you can configure the way you use the platform to mirror the needs of your program.

Can I create custom reports and dashboards?

Yes! The platform provides a set of default reports and charts. In addition to that,, all relevant data residing in PDA is available (via a CSV file download or through an API) for programs to generate custom reports and dashboards using any third-party tools – outside the platform.

If you would like to work with our in-house data team to build custom reports and dashboards for your program, please Get in touch

Can participants retain content even after they exit a program?

Participants will be able to retain both their attestations as well as access to the training content for the sessions they attended, even after they exit a program/after a program has concluded, as long as they are active on the PDA platform (see below) – unless they delete their account (after which such data can not be accessed).

However, if the participant is not active for a period of 12 months in any participating program on the PDA platform, the participant may not be able to access the content associated with their attestations, but any attestations stored on their mobile device will continue to be accessible through the Participant app, as long as the user does not delete the app/delete their account.

Can we publish our data on our website?

Yes, data that is generated from your program on the PDA platform can be made accessible on your website through our Open Data Widget. Please get in touch with us for further details on this offering.

What happens to the data if we (the program) cancel our subscription, or if our subscription lapses?

If you (contracting entity) cancel your subscription, your program administrators will no longer be able to access the PDA Program Administration Portal and perform any actions (creating Topics, adding content, scheduling sessions,downloading data etc). However, If you renew your subscription, you (program administration staff) will get access to the portal and to the existing data of your program. You are only required to maintain a minimum number of licenses in order to maintain program administrator access.(Contact us to learn more)

We recommend that you download any data that you would like to store offline for future use before your subscription expires – please refer to terms of use to ensure you understand your obligations related to handling and use of such data.

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